growing up in Northern Michigan, lisa began her gardening life with the innocent question, “what’s a geranium?” and has been inquiring about plants ever since. her love of gardening grew while living in the pacific northwest and hawaii, but it was during her travels she realized she’d rather be a native in a zone 5b than a transplant in a tropical 12. she has currently been in ann arbor, michigan for six years where she owns and manages her second gardening and floral design business, pot & box.

img_0262_2nikolo began his life in detroit, born to his mother ‘midnight’ and a litter of chocolate and black lab brothers and sisters. at eight weeks old, ko met lisa through michigan lab rescue and moved to ann arbor where he has been chasing his tail and barking sporadically for over four years.


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  1. Colleen forwarded me your site. I enjoyed reading your blog/ gardening news! glad to read you are happy and having fun! please give that cutie nikolo love! happy trails and happy spring.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Love your new blog. Very you, very stylish and simple. Can’t wait to hear about all the gardening adventures and see what you come up with next. We’ll have to get together soon to discuss wedding flowers (I can’t wait to see what beauty you come up with!) and share some springtime sun. Ciao bella!

  3. Lisa, Great name for your blog! We think you have found your niche: gardening is your passion , but to also write combines your talent for expression the simplicity of life’s daily doings! Good luck we will continue to read your observations.

  4. Great name! Glad to see you combine gardening with your love of the word. The simplicity of life’s daily doings is a great read!

  5. thanks for all the feedback everyone!

    sanda, ko is excited to meet you if you can tear yourselves away from the sunshine state to search for petoskey stones…

    ludie, i hope your garden is growing-growing! how’s that asparagus that carrie & planted years ago? hello to bobert & brockk, and hello to suzie, wherever she may be…

    j. rod, let’s “save the date” for a wedding flower brainstorm session! when the three of us will have a spare, coinciding second is another story…

    a&e, who knew things could culminate when you weren’t looking? thanks for all the support over the years…and years…and years!
    and arch, i painted the william carlos williams poem on my *red wheelbarrow* to remind me that poetry and flowers are friends (though i’m not sold on the chickens yet.)

    so much depends

    a red wheel

    glazed with rain

    beside the white

  6. Had dinner with Paul and Florence last night and heard about your new space. Good luck and hope that spring arrives soon this year.

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