wedding wednesday: zoe & andy

zoe & andy’s summer wedding had a pretty soft palette and luscious peonie blooms from bridgewater gardens! (photos courtesy of  leisa thompson photography)

zoe_andy-0504 zoe_andy-0772 zoe_andy-0821 zoe_andy-0466 zoe_andy-0448 zoe_andy-0426 zoe_andy-0243 zoe_andy-0351 zoe_andy-0379 zoe_andy-0179 zoe_andy-0169 zoe_andy-0165 zoe_andy-0163 zoe_andy-0124 zoe_andy-0121 zoe_andy-0119 zoe_andy-0111 zoe_andy-0078 zoe_andy-0060 zoe_andy-0075 zoe_andy-0054 zoe_andy-0008


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