wedding wednesday: sarah & john

pretty sunflowers wrapped in twine for sarah & john’s rustic wedding at misty farms. photos courtesy of a girl in love photography.

7398060238_13d6a67813_c 7398054142_90143e5d89_c 7398031980_98e071d5f4_c 7398024784_52903af6b3_c  7397974866_9e73712bc5_c 7397932066_b668a14673_c 7397881968_0e7bc5be6e_c 7397831308_ffbfde203b_c 7397777424_9d795bff0c_c 7397770282_5f0b4373c2_c 7397765038_0325e11769_c 7397745838_01ed63b928_b 7397739786_f2e64e172a_c 7397726712_0a02164ca6_c 7398071960_7031403384_c


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