currently blooming: april 3rd

slim pickin’s thus far, but a glimpse of color is all the hope we need…

witch hazel
dwarf yellow iris

long conversations
beside blooming irises,
joys of life on the road.

what have you spotted, dear reader?


4 thoughts on “currently blooming: april 3rd

  1. Well…I have an unfair advantage in this realm, being in North Carolina. This is my first spring here, and it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Things started blooming by the end of February, and we’ve just passed the height of one my my favorite spring bloomers – dogwoods. My itty little vegetable garden is well on its way, and the undergrowth along the Blue Ridge Parkway (1.5 hr away) soon will explode with Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel blooms.

    I mention all this not to taunt but to tempt…do come visit! I would love to explore NC with a kindred spirit.

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