upcoming events at pot and box!

june 23 (wednesday) at 6:30pm:

botanical illustration: endless forms most wonderful—plant sketching with susan fawcett ($10)

beginning with a review of classic and contemporary botanical illustration, we will take time composing and executing a rendering of a plant or plants.  flesh blooms and simple arrangements will be provided by pot & box.  we will cover basic understanding of plant habit as well as various techniques for depicting texture and form with a focus on line quality.  ballpoint pens are recommended for their ubiquity, versatility, and convenience in the field, though pencil, ink, watercolor and other media are also welcome.

please bring sketchbooks or paper for your finished drawing, scrap paper, media of your choice, and a magnifying lens if you have one.

june 24 (thursday) 6:00pm–8:00pm

growing shiitake mushrooms on logs: with shane mulholland ($30 each or $50 for two people)

learn to grow this popular mushroom from asia in this exciting, hands-on workshop! you will learn how to properly inoculate cut logs so that you can reap the benefits of fresh mushrooms at home. each participant will leave with detailed instructions and an inoculated log of their own. dress for a mess!

july 10 (saturday) noon– 2pm.

permaculture gardening in michigan: heal the soil, grow a food forest. ($25)

join nathan ayers of chiwara permaculture design for this inspiring workshop on soil remediation and planning a perennial food forest.

permaculture is a design methodology for the sustainable transition to an energy conscious future. as we begin to realize that our modern food system is based on non-renewable fossil fuels, more of us are coming to understand the profound benefits of buying local. permaculture also focuses on permanent agriculture solutions, where food production occurs much closer to home, and environmental balance is restored. when practiced by humanity, permaculture systems create ecologically sound, economically viable communities that thrive with nature.

through enriching real life examples and hands on demonstrations, participants will leave knowing how to restore vitality to damaged and deficient soils, while growing abundant organic edibles in a home permaculture food forest.


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