on the twelves…*with lots of 1) CAPITAL LETTERS and 2) numbered lists

yay! it’s the twelfth of march!
this makes me happy for a number of reasons:

1) it’s my birthday weekend…the big day is monday–the ides of march–
but i like to stretch out the celebration for AT LEAST THREE DAYS.
the flowershop isn’t open on mondays, so you’ll have to come in
tomorrow (saturday) to wish me happy birthday in person.
p.s. if you bring cupcakes, i will love you FOREVER. or at least until my
sugar buzz lasts.
2) it’s almost SPRING! i have had the door open at P&B HQ two days thi
week, and isn’t that nice? i have had a number of new clients calling, and
so many neghborhoodies are stopping in to chat about their gardens, and
and i even saw some winter aconite BLOOMING at J&C’s place when i went to
steal their time–they were out of town, i swear.

3) it’s time for an ‘on the twelves’ inspirational post today’s is even more special than other days,
because the featured inspired peeps are REAL LIVE FRIENDS OF MINE.
not random blogs that i stalk via google reader.
so enough of my blathering…here you go:

emily ross!

also known as EJ, emily is fabulous in so many ways:
1) she practially runs a little venue in town called ‘the ark.’
you may have heard of it.
2) she has an adorable house with decals on the kitchen cupboards,
a hideous-turned-awesome PINK BATHROOM,
as well as an awesome fiance joel & heart-melting cute dog stanley.
(no offense to everyone else who has previously made me things.)

…a florist’s tool holder made from reclaimed wood (!) and repurposed drawer pulls (!)
with absolutely lovely painted birds and branches and birdcages to decorate (!!!)

to quote EJ herself, “i have cool friends.”

erin wynn!

ah, erin:
1) more than just the mother of sophie, the world’s most cracking-me-up-kid.
2) more than wife of the world’s most polite/hilarious husband aaron.
3) more than sister to the world’s most amazing movie quoter of all time, ryan.

erin is a fellow blogger and crafter–sewing and now, much to my surprise & delight, a boiled wool flower maker!
however, much to my embarrassment & chagrin, i do not have a photo of the sweet little flower she made me for my shop opening.
i was so excited to NOT wear my winter coat, but that’s the very coat it’s on. you’ll have to trust me. it’s darling.

steve & becca!

what can i say about steve & becca?
1) they were “my first wedding” and i couldn’t have asked for a more laid-back couple to put together flowers for. *love*
2) becca works at the ann arbor film festival, steve works at vg kids. *awesome*
3) becca & steve are in the top ten of pot & box’s most enthusiastic  cheerleaders–
and so thoughtful, that they brought me a framed print of a happiness diagram that i adore. *yay*


4 thoughts on “on the twelves…*with lots of 1) CAPITAL LETTERS and 2) numbered lists

  1. hope you have a great birthday!
    spring really might be on the way, we’ve got hellaborus blooming in the backyard. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. Miss W,

    Hope you had a fantabulous birthday celebration, and as this is a few days later, you recovered nicely as well. The spring is springing, and I’m sure your gardening hands are happy!

    Nice post by the way. I do adore that print from Steve & Becca.

    See you soon!

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