local friends

in my latest venture, i hope to create a flowershop unlike any other.
it’s been years of observing other small businesses doing businesses,
and being inspired by their go-get-’em-ness & their stick-to-it-ive-ness.

here are a few of my favorites:

michelle & peter baker!
my neighbs, across the street at 221.

cool in so many ways…michelle does letterpress printing & design.
peter is a photographer and a designer.

but, most importantly, they like laser discs. yea!

michael firn & joe bollinger!
owners of sic transit cycles in lowertown, just around the bend toward pontiac trail.

they repair & recondition used & vintage bikes out of an old garage.
look! they fixed up my girl, capone…just in time for spring.

and, if you are looking for a sweet, old card catalog, just stop in the bike shop.

brad greenhill & steve gertz & scott meves!
the masterminds behind stereo interactive and design.

graphic design? yes.
website creation? oh yeah.
coding, programming, & other assorted computer geekery? you betcha.

but, in my humble opinion, the crowning glory of the company’s history
was the day that they took on pot & box as their COOLEST CLIENT EVER.
(but seriously, people freak out about the p&b logo. stereo is *that good.*)


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