open! …for business!

holy cats! i can’t believe we’re up and running.
a bit disorganized, perhaps. but open for business for sure.

please, stop by to see our new digs. in addition to this spot functioning as a flower workshop & base for the garden service half of pot & box,
we are offering space rental for small events…little parties, musical functions, art shows, & other inspired happenings.

i will be keeping studio hours…usually 10-6 everyday, but please feel free to call/text to be sure i’m here…
and not out picking up flowers, delivering them, getting lunch, or whatnot.

the number here is 734.368.2130

here is a sneak peek:

and…when you visit, you can meet the infamous *black dog,* ko!

he’s currently in training to be a good shop dog. which means he is not yet a good shop dog.
but he will be. come reassure him!


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