on the twelves… (and multiples of.)

i have some SUPER FUN NEWS coming soon…maybe tomorrow.
and i am not saying that’s why i have been neglecting you, dear green/black reader,
though it is.

but, let me assure you, THE NEWS IS SUPER FUN.

in the meanwhile, my latest internet muses:

the great design inspiration stop, apartment therapy.
not to give anything away…but if i were, say…just hypothetically, of course…opening a flowershop.
this would be a place i would be spending every day the last month.
(enough said.)

one thing about me, is that i respect good writing.
and that is why one of my favorite blogs is actually a mommyblog.
(did you know that word existed?)

welcome to a world of hilarity: dooce.
one of my favorite features is the ‘daily chuck,’ which captures the world’s most photogenic dog.

(oh, and you can thank heather armstrong for my love of EMPHASIZING EMOTION with capital letters.)

now, for the PG-13 blog of the day: badder homes and gardens.
awesome. dirty. design.
don’t say i didn’t warm you.
(that pun is an homage to BGH’s writing style. you’ll see.)

have you ever wondered which blog i would live in, if i could live in a blog?
i know you did, and the answer is sfgirlbybay.

it’s lovely there.


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