…or else!

i have been helping out at everyday wines
in kerrytown this busy holiday week…
and it’s been wonderful.
today, i had a second to take some pictures,
and i put together this merry message.
i like that it’s reminiscent of a ransom note,
but patched together from letters on wine labels.

so, i guess what i’m saying is, have a happy ho ho…or else!

be sure to stop in for some flowers & vino on xmas eve day, as we’ll be there until six-ish.
(rumor has it that santa likes ranunculus & red wine.)

here’s a chuckle for you…might have to rename the blog to green thumb black reindeer though.

if i don’t see you tomorrow, i will try to post from san francisco,
where i will be galavanting until new year’s eve eve.
you KNOW i’ll be visiting the SF flower market, some flower shops, and the botanical garden.

by the way,
if you have special requests for NYE 2010,
please email me asap!
i will have them ready for you for pick up at everyday
or for delivery to your favorite party spot.


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