a blog post about blog posts

last night, i stumbled into 826 michigan from the blustery cold for mark maynard’s writing workshop titled ‘blogs, zines, & other new traditions in self-publishing.’

as a 31 year-old business owner with occasional migraines and fingernails chewed to stubs, it takes a lot to move me to action. i’m not a wide-eyed, easily-influenced twenty-something anymore.

but, just look at me!
i’m blogging!
i’d call that inspired.

last night, mark talked with us about creative outlets for self-expression from the early days of the founding fathers pamphlets, through the dada movement, to the underground world of photocopied zines…which morphed into blogs. in the present day blogosphere, you can reach almost anyone, anywhere with your message. mark reaches thousands of people with his blog, and connects them through conversations about local and national events. he makes things happen. online dialogues. local art fairs. community connections. and he doesn’t do it for money. he does it for the conversations.

which made me wonder, why do i blog? of course, i want my business to succeed. i blog to sell floral design, and to sell gardening services, and to sell…well, me.
to be a business owner is to be a part of the community. so when my lovely client LK calls me for a flower delivery, i leave knowing how to cast off my knitting project. and when i make my weekly restaurant maintenance visits, i hear about the owner’s, the employee’s, and the customer’s weekend plans.
the flowers are the vehicle for the relationship.

this, dear reader, is where you come in. mark blogs to connect to his community, and to help his community connect.
i blog to connect my products, services, and myself to clients.
why do you blog?
maybe you don’t blog. maybe you use twitter or facebook. or maybe you just follow a few choice blogs.

in my inspirational haze i propose this: post! tweet! comment!
let’s use the tools we have online to build community offline.

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2 thoughts on “a blog post about blog posts

  1. Blogging just seems like another way to communicate with friends, potential clients and family to me. I always enjoy reading your blog and hearing about what’s happening in your world. Keep those entries coming!

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