pot & box holiday

IMG_2402even though we are enjoying a late, lovely fall…it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays.
with all there is to do this time of year, pot & box is here to help.

pot & box holiday services include:

  • outdoor container services to adorn your pots & boxes with fresh evergreens, berries, grasses, and other natural items
  • indoor custom decoration using aromatic, festive fresh greens
  • breathtaking bulbs for forcing, available as kits suitable for gifts, or potted up & ready to pop at your party
  • seasonal plants & fresh greens available on the flower cart at everyday wines in kerrytown or for local delivery
  • fresh flower arrangements & bouquets available for pick-up or local delivery
  • gift certificates for fresh flowers & garden services available at any denomination

fresh greens pricing:

  • assorted greens (noble & silver fir, incense & port orford cedar, blue-berried juniper, princess pine) …$4/sq. ft.
  • blue-berried juniper…$3.50/sq. ft.
  • douglas fir boughs…$3.50/sq. ft.
  • green holly…$6/sq. ft.
  • variegated holly…$8/sq. ft.
  • incense cedar boughs…$3.50/sq. ft.
  • white pine tips…$6/sq. ft.
  • white pine roping…$1/ft. (available in 25′ & 75′ lengths)
  • noble fir wreaths…20″ outer diameter @ $18ea, 32″ outer diameter @ $35 ea.

natural items:

  • birch branches…$20/bunch (3′ branches)
  • corkscrew willow…$15/bunch (3′ branches)
  • grapevine…$28/coil
  • pussy willow…$12/bunch (10 stems)
  • bittersweet…$8/8″ bunch, $13/2′ bunch, $20/3′ bunch
  • red-twig dogwood…$12/sm. bunch, $18/lg. bunch
  • pyracantha (orange berries) …$28/lg. bunch
  • oat grass…$12/bunch
  • cattails…$12/bunch (10 stems)
  • broomcorn…$12/bunch (3 stems)

[photos of some available items]

service charges:

  • delivery & installation of seasonal greens & natural items…$40/hr. per designer
  • floral design by special request…$40/hr. per designer
  • special requests with less than one week notice subject to purchasing charge of $40/hr.

living plants with recycled kraft paper wrap:

  • norfolk island pine…10″ @ $25
  • poinsettia…10″ red or white @ $22.50
  • amaryllis…8″ @ $15
  • holiday cactus…8″ @ $16
  • potting gift kits…amaryllis or narcissus @ $12 ea.

assorted seasonal delights:

  • locally-printed, hand-made botanical gift cards by clever lotus, $3 ea.
  • everyone’s favorite…mistletoe! @ $3.50/bunch
  • ‘biggie smalls’ bouquets available @ the flower cart in everyday wines in kerrytown…just $5 ea.
  • specially-requested arrangements in recycled & recyclable blumeboxes…starting @ $3.50 ea.
  • gift certificates for fresh flowers & garden services, available for purchase online [email your request to potandbox (at) gmail.com]

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