potandbox.com, we have lift-off!

yay! thanks to the internet saavy–and quite handsome!–brad at stereo interactive and design, potandbox.com is a go!


to celebrate the launch of the site, and pot & box’ ‘official florist’ status for this week’s ann arbor film festival,
to a screening in the main theater of the michigan wednesday through sunday.

1. whet your appetite at: 47.aafilmfest.org/

2. compose your best film- or flower-themed haiku
(remember the 5-7-5 stucture!)

3. in the comments of this post, submit:
a) your beautifully-composed haiku
b) what film you’re looking forward to seeing at the film fest & why
c) a way to contact you

*one local winner will be awarded the two tix, and one non-annarborite reader will be awarded an honorable mention*

good luck!


3 thoughts on “potandbox.com, we have lift-off!

  1. a)
    The petals push up
    Smiles and butterflies return
    Crocus, lead the march!!!
    looking forward to _Mock up on Mu_. reason: the bitchin description (“A radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western, and even horror genres…”).
    you know where to find the youngest bertoni in town, baby.

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