ann arbor, start your gardens…

two glorious things happened yesterday:

1. i spotted some daffodils breaking ground.
img_37111if it were up to me, i would shift our calendar a month and a half forward to celebrate new year’s day on march fifteenth. firstly, it’s my birthday, which is a day everyone should be celebrating anyway. secondly, spring is so much more in the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation, than january first…when it usually snows for the twelfth time and comes at the end of a season of socializing with friends and family and stuffing ourselves silly on holiday food and drink. don’t ‘spring resolutions’ sound more logical, timely, and natural? yes!
so join me in celebrating our new year (and my thirty-first year) with a garden walk through your neighborhood, recommitting to your gym membership, and planning your garden…yea!

…and speaking of which, that leads me to glorious thing #2:

2. i worked in the garden for the first time this year.
img_3713i am so fortunate to live in a big ol’ farmhouse next to a big ol’ orchard, and this year i am planting a big ol’ cutting garden. as i will be present at the westside farmers’ market again this summer and providing flowers for a number of weddings in SE michigan, i will be thrilled to cut them fresh out of my own plot. i have an area about 20×30 to plant with zinnias, cosmos, cleome, dahlias, gladiolas, ageratum, sunflowers, snapdragons, and more…and tidyed the beds yesterday when i realized that the rain over the weekend and sunny days in the early week opened a window of perfect spring clean-up. not to mention that brendan and jay (from a knife’s work,) brad (glendale’s resident chef,) and i were wandering around the garden brainstorming when i realized the soil was prime–and if anything is motivation to get to work, having some eager gardeners around to help will get me moving! img_3717
the guys are planning their own edible garden, with veggies and herbs galore. just to name a few planned plants–beets, spinach, garlic, onions, endive, lettuces, turnips, peas, peppers, and, well the list goes on… we’re splitting the plot, and i am looking forward to some hands-on learning in their edible half while maintaining my own beauty half–my most ambitious garden to date. watch for pictures and commentary as we delve into the dirt.

in the meanwhile…think spring. happy new year.


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