love = flowers

heartjust a reminder that this year, as every year, valentine’s day is on february fourteenth.
don’t be nervous…

pot & box floral to the rescue!

offering free in-town delivery friday the thirteen, and on Vday, saturday the fourteenth.
(sorry colleen, delivery to florida is a *wee* bit extra)

signature ‘mixed tape’ assorted flower bouquets (responsibly-grown, of course) starting at $15
potted orchids of stunning beauty at $30
classic roses of all colors, with hand-tied
fair-trade bouquets starting at $20

Red Rosesred = romance, passion, true love, yadda yadda yadda…

White Roseswhite = heavenly, romantic innocence

Pink Rosespink = adoration of grace & style

Yellow Rosesyellow = friendship & joy–BFF kinda love

Orange Rosesorange = wanton desire….think craigslist missed connections.

Lavender Rosespurple = my-heart-skips-a-beat-you sexy-thing-i’m-so-lucky-you’re-mine-all-mine…or something to that effect

as always, the flower cart at everyday wines in kerrytown will overflow-eth with joyful stems…
featuring extraordinary ‘biggiesmalls’ bouquets starting at $5…what? yup! say “i really, really like you” for just FIVE BUCKS.

now placing advance orders for the truly committed…order early, order often!



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