this little geoduck started a business…

entrepreneur_modsticker2the evergreen state college has released its alumni entrepreneur association online directory.
and as both an alumni and an entrepreneur, yours truly is listed for pot & box container gardening service.

…along with the founder of one of my favorite sites for hip & handmade stuff, the online shop features yet another fellow geoduck, founder of queen bee creations, my second favorite purse maker (after barb of b. may bags.)
…and if you are ever in oly, wa looking for a way to support greener alums, visit rainy day records, darby’s cafe, and dumpster values–some of my favorite stops when i was living in that grey, beautiful town.

…go geoducks!


2 thoughts on “this little geoduck started a business…

  1. Wow! This is fabulous Lisa! Anyway we can help alumni find each other, network and prosper is great. Thanks so much for pushing this along. I’m going to go full circle and send this blog back to my colleagues so they can see how our labor is taking on a life of its own. Hurray for the web!

    RJ – swirling in the mists of a wintery Evergreen campus

  2. Hey you, I think we were separated at birth, Buyolympia and Queen Bee make my heart swoon as well, I get weak in the knee’s just thinking about those new shoulder bags…
    My friend Aileen from Seattle days has a sister Trixy who opened a new shop in Olympia about two years ago with her husband. It’s got a European slant as those are his roots. It is absolutely beautiful, from the pictures and Aileen’s word of mouth–I haven’t been through Oly in 4 or 5 years now…check it out:


    Cheers from your fellow lover of the NW!

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