kickin’ the master gardener k-now-ledge


i am excited to announce that i will be beginning my master gardener‘s course this week, thursday. it has been years–over a decade!–since i was studying in the horticulture department at michigan state, and it is absolutely refreshing to revisit the subject academically. i’ve been toiling the fields too long, and forgotten my old friends–chloroplast, apical meristem, photosynthesis. i’m happy to join them after all this time.

what does this mean to you, dear blog reader? it means weekly informative posts on all things horticultural. in the very vein–and, yes, that would be a lateral veination pattern! (sorry, i’m geeking out already…)–of the master gardeners’ giving back to the community, i want to share what i learn, re-learn, and actually understand the second time through.

and so it begins…
lettuce go forth and learn. (oops, geeked out again!)


2 thoughts on “kickin’ the master gardener k-now-ledge

  1. So excited for you! In your blogs, I’m always picking up a tip or two or just marveling at your creativity. I can’t wait to learn even more as you get back to the “books”. Enjoy and learn…

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