img_2478_2new year’s eve is almost upon us…and pot & box had a cheerful delivery of fresh flowers this morning destined for everyday wines this afternoon! if you’re in ann arbor, stop in and get a celebratory bouquet!

for those of you with me internet-ly (and friends down the street)…what are your plans for wednesday? and more importantly, what are your plans for 2009?

i want to hear about them! fill me in, drop a comment…especially if you haven’t commented before–ahem, aunt julie in chicago. mmm-hmm, bess in northern michigan. and those of you who i hear from regularly–miss maggie in ptown, and elizabeth at under consideration–how are you ringing in the new year? what are your resolutions for the proceeding 365 days? …and, mom, you’re on the spot too!


4 thoughts on “10…9…8…7…

  1. I’ll be at home welcoming 2009 with a group of friends! (In New York City you have to be really ambitious to go out on New Year’s Eve–it’s too crazy for most of us!) Resolutions? The same as every year: to actually make it to the gym!

  2. I’m down in Cinci with my parents and my son who is visiting from Prague. Unfortunately, my truly beloved husband and I celebrated the eve apart for the first time since he had to work on Friday….but he is on his way down from Chicago for the rest of the weekend. We celebrated in style with my family with beautiful hats and balloons, courtesy of Opa..and the best dessert–cream puffs with Sanders fudge. Everyone put their new year’s resolutions in a bowl and we picked them out and read aloud and tried to guess whose they were…ended up being not so hokey and lots of fun. The same for what we were thankful for in 2008. Funny how all of us have similar resolutions beyond the lose weight and be nicer people. Life is complex, and my resolution is to fully embrace it without fear (especially creativity). Also I’d like to rid myself of negative thoughts of which I think sarcasm (however amusing) is the next door neighbor. And, though I don’t expect miracles of Obama given the tough situations we are in, I feel very hopeful.

  3. julie,
    wonderful to read a smidge of your life! florence told me you were “lurking” on the blog, without commenting so i had to call you out. and i am so glad i did–what a lovely post…from opa’s hats to the hopefulness of your honest resolutions. i forsee a trip to chicago in my near future, maybe even two–chicagoland flower & garden show, anyone?

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