fair trade roses

quaint, progressive midwestern town
seeks roses to brighten winter days.
must be be socially- and ecologically-
responsible, stunningly beautiful, and
long lasting (no early wilters.)

well, ann arbor, they’re here.


debuting today at everyday wines, fair trade roses grown in ecuador that support sustainable environmental, economic, and social development. cut on tuesday, here today with the help of one world flowers, a supplier whose aim is to connect small florists with fair trade- certified farms at affordable costs. which means i can provide beautiful, responsibly-grown roses to you at a reasonable (and in many cases lower!) price than those that are conventionally-grown.

so…come on down to kerrytown!


5 thoughts on “fair trade roses

  1. that’s one of the many decisions we all weigh when we purchase (and sell) goods. during the warmer months, i grow most of my cut flower stock in my garden…however, during michigan’s long winters there isn’t much more than white snow outside. folks want a little color indoors, and my hope is to bring them the most responsible option for cut flowers.

  2. Lisa, Congratulations on your new corner garden, a colorful way to warm up the cold winter months. We’re very happy for you and the success of pot& box! Elaine and John

  3. Without some shipping costs & the unfortunate accompanying pollution there would be many things we would all have to give up during the cold winter months (fresh fruit, veggies, coffee…the list is LONG!). Since I’d be buying flowers anyway to lighten up the winter gloom, I’m happy to have a better option that I currently have–thank you Lisa!

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