green choice black pots

when i started my first gardening business eight years ago, there was reduce and reuse, but no recycle for the heaps of black plastic pots and flats that plants and flowers came in…

currently, goldner walsh nursery in pontiac accepts all garden containers, regardless of color, size, shape, or political endorsements for a new recycling initiative. owner tim travis is a green-minded leader in the SE michigan green industry, launching the area’s first garden container recycling program of its kind, as well as setting the goal of making his nursery carbon-neutral and LEED-certified. despite the drive from ann arbor, any nursery with such projects, ideas, and goals is worth a visit. but you bet i’m carpooling…and in saying so, pot and box is accepting as many black plastic gardening containers as will fill the honda element for a recycling trip to goldner walsh this sunday, october 26. please contact me for drop-off instructions at potandbox(at)gmail(dot)com.

reusers here in ann arbor:

lodi farms accepts one gallon-sized and larger plastic plant pots for reuse by schools and garden clubs. and, i have to mention that they have the friendliest staff and the best-est composted soil around…

a few vendors at the ann arbor farmers’ market will happily take your sturdy flats, trays, and pots if you make arrangements ahead of time. (fyi, wednesdays are 72% more mellow than saturdays for chatting with such vendors about such things.)

finally, lil’ ol’ pot and box always accepts terra cotta pots (even broken ones) if you should find yourself unable to park the car in the garage anymore due to your collection. again, just email me or drop a comment on this here blog…


One thought on “green choice black pots

  1. It’s those thick rubbery pots that are so unneccesary too. I think they should be banned altogether. I have sold thousands of perennial divisions from a glorified roadside stand in front of my house and now am concentrating on my own hybrid daylilies. Feel free to visit me soon.

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