mum really is the word

i can feel the chill in the air, see the leaves start to flutter, but nothing tells me it’s fall like the smell of mums. now, i know you might be thinking, “mums? i didn’t realize they were known for their scent.” and you’d be right. but there is something about the smell of those delicate plants that takes me back to last autumn, and the one five years ago, and the fall of 2000. it’s funny how their roots reach so far back.

and so it goes, i have been planting mums all over town lately. and loving it. this time of year is my favorite. it’s about tidying up the garden, pulling the annuals and planting cold-lovers, and even thinking about spring. while i adore fall colors, especially the color orange–and there are others like me, just check out this blog–every october i find myself drawn to grassy greens and sky blues. i realized yesterday that i was doing that so i can take cheery, springy colors with me into hibernation. that why i’ve been ordering seed catalogs, potting flowering annuals to bring inside, and making sure my monthly stack of garden mags will continue to arrive in my dreary mailbox on a dreary day in february.


2 thoughts on “mum really is the word

  1. Scents, even faint ones, are powerful memory triggers. I enjoy the connection to the past that a garden brings, lovely fragrances, pleasant memories and the familiar sights of another season. I’m storing them all up for winter too.

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