mmm…farmers’ market…

hey kids! it’s the last day for the westside farmers’ market over yonder in the zingerman’s roadhouse parking lot. c’mon down and get yourself some locally-grown mums, sample some grub from the farm-to-fork table, and wash it down with a cup of coffee from the trailer. oh yeah, don’t forget that this is the most amazing time of year to eat fresh! we’re talking apples, pears, beans, watermelon, kohlrabi, potatoes, herbs, and more tomatoes than you know what to do with. last weekend, for brad greenhill’s birthday, he and fellow chef-extraordinaire brenden mccall cooked up a delicious seasonally-themed meal…or rather meals, as i am still eating the tupperwared leftovers. yum! hope to see you this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “mmm…farmers’ market…

  1. Brad’s b-day dinner looks perfect! Hope the last Farmer’s Market of the year was wonderful–I remember visiting you in Ann Arbor just before your first Farmer’s Market—you’ve come full circle! Be well, friend!

  2. For christ’s sake, that was one of the best meals ever! thank you for posting a photo so i can look at it once in a while when searching google images for my food cravings becomes a wild goose chase (ex: roasted squash yields very unappetizing photos).

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