dog vacation

while i was visiting eastern points,
ko having fun here in ann arbor with his favorite friend, annie.

when ko was just a pup, i found a card at jefferson market for
annie’s dog walking (and running!) service.
nearly every day, she would stop over while i was a work
to take then-small ko for a walk to the park.
when i would arrive home, i would be greeted with a little ko bark
and a note that said something about their time together that day…

today ko & i went to bach elementary
where we met a ten-month old great
dane named luka. they played until
it started raining, but ko didn’t care
and wanted to dig for treasure in
the mulch of the playground.
what a cutie!

during my latest trip, annie sent me a photo via picture mail
of ko and his newest friend, sammy,
in the only still moment of their weekend at her house.

and, when i did check my email, she had sent some pictures
of the dog fun happenings back home.

when i got home, ko greeted me excitedly,
then took a nap while i unpacked–
what a nice thing a tired dog is for a weary traveler!
from annie, i found a diary of ko’s vacation and
some homemade dog treats. i was almost tempted
to try one, after a weekend of buttery lobster…


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