field trip

the first week of august, i ventured to cleveland to see radiohead.
which was amazing.

and only slightly overshadowed by my visit to the cleveland botanical gardens.

the second i walked into the tropical house, i thought i had flown back to maui in the blink of a butterfly. and, with my mild obsession with structure, especially that of the greenhouse variety, the buildings themselves got just as much room on the camera’s memory card as the plants.

out in the gardens, i was fascinated with the repetition of circles in the pathways which held chinese coin-shaped impressions of all sizes as a small square within a larger circle. i love the idea that something as simple as a shape pressed into concrete throughout the grounds unifying the different areas into one property.

a formal, gated entrance led into a square-heavy garden that, and despite the shape change, still felt like a continuation of the herb gardens.

and, in a mind-blowing
combination of shapes,
this square-leaved water plant.

poolside, the collections of huge pots were breathtaking in their presentation of size and groupings.

walking around the cbg, i was inspired
with the colors and plants. it makes me want to
curate my own botanical garden with a dozen
garden rooms and just as many themes on
shapes and sizes.
just maybe i’d call it my KOtanical gardens…


4 thoughts on “field trip

  1. Radiohead. Wow. I’m very envious.
    Aren’t botanical gardens the best place for photos! Everything begs a picture. I love that shot of the lilypads (?) with square leaves. So interesting!

  2. hello amy, hello elizabeth!
    thanks for commenting. i think something is wrong with my priorities when the radiohead show got one picture and the botanical garden got so many more. oh, well. such is plant geekdom!
    thanks for the inspiring photos on your blogs…

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