the nexus of my universe…

in leiu of an informative post about my garden, or catching up on my recent visit to the cleveland botanical gardens, or even an anecdote about ko and his dog world, today we’re taking a tour behind the curtain…

welcome to my workspace.

firstly, note the pop rocks candy tucked behind my bookend–remember pop rocks? so fun when you are ten, and so strange when you are thirty. while we’re near the books, check out my gardening bibles: michigan-centered references for perennials, annuals, and trees & shrubs. i use them almost everyday, and have learned not to loan them out for fear of the moment when i have no idea how to spell chamaecyparis. also in my close-at-hand collection, ellen sandbeck’s adorable and illuminating books, one of which i talked about here. finally, the city gardener’s handbook, makes me dream of landing an account in manhattan…i’ll be flown out weekly for maintenance, written up in the new york times magazine, and discussing the latest in floral design with jane packer. (her books are in the pile at the bottom left, as they haven’t even been shelved yet. i am hoping to catch one of her classes at her flower shop in NY.)

the majority of those magazine articles and pictures are for jessica and scott’s wedding tomorrow…jess loves greens and whites in a modern way and scottie is madly in love with food, so i am planning a verdant marriage (oh, punny) of flowers and herbs. and maybe wild grapes.

yes, that is a tomato and a green pepper chillin’ on my desk. is that so odd? yesterday was farmers’ market and it’s a rare thursday that i don’t come home with fresh fruits and vegetables in my purse.

lurking in the dark on the right edge of my table (and my brain) is the project i long to do if only i didn’t have everything else to do: making stationary! i got some colorful, worldly stamps and big shipping tags from a garage sale that inspired me to return to my post as correspondence princess…second only to the queen of the usps, *maggie* who sent me the card you can see down on the left by my coffee cup (i love them with names) and my vintage, unbreakable tupperware cup.

other things i love in this picture:
the two rusty horseshoes in the window which i have taken with me across the country twice and over to hawaii. i think they’re doing a great job bringing me luck.
my moleskine planner…seriously, i cannot make a move with out it. i’ve tried and ended up triple booked with a new client, at acupuncture, and in boston.
my combination lock for the Y…which i joined a month ago and LOVE. my new favorite thing: asking friends for Y-dates, catching up while we’re elliptical-ing.
just out of the left border of this picture, some leather scraps from my fabulous friend barbra may of b. may bags for a project yet unknown. barb will be downtown ann arbor for a trunk show at ayla soon. if you know what’s good for you, or a chica in your life, you’ll get down there and buy one of her purses. i am not kidding when i say they are life-altering cool.

one last tidbit: when i was searching for the perfect work desk, i saw this one in front of a student rental on packard, brand new, ikea sticker still sticking, curbside with a free sign flapping in the breeze of traffic…makes you wonder if something out there wanted me to live a life of creativity-inducing multi-tasking piles of joy.


2 thoughts on “the nexus of my universe…

  1. hi! thanks for linking to my blog – i am glad it brought me to your blog! i love your workspace! all that beautiful light, and space. i dream of something similar myself!

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out in your links! I have often thought of doing a post on my workspace, but it is dull, dull, dull. Not pretty and loaded with fun surprises (pop rocks!) like yours. So glad to have found your lovely blog!

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