the fourth annual riboff

…if you’re reading this, you’re invited…

this saturday, july 26th friends and neighbors will unite for the love of pork.

and potato salad,
and jello molds,
and scotch eggs,
and baked beans,
and broccoli casserole,
and strawberry shortcake,
and caprese salad,
and cornbread,
and mac ‘n’ cheese,
and deviled eggs,
and tofu curry,
and fruit salad with marshmallows…

to enter the riboff competition, be at 1230 traver on saturday.
have your ribs ready at 6:35.
sidedishes and desserts at 6:50.
for more details on the food competition: the riboff website

if you just want to come to witness
the no-holds-barred deviled eggs vs. deviled eggs,
and to enjoy good food & good company, then do.
bring a dish or drink to share, or some donation money
for those who spent time and cash to feed the hungry masses.
lawn games and refreshing beverages will commence at 5 o’clock.

be there, or be hungry.


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