floor two, please

as a gardener, i don’t often get to enjoy the exhilaration of instant gratification. thursday, i reveled in it…

installing a new garden is an amazing thing–to be there when each little plant goes into the ground, watching them grow a bit each year until the garden is full and flowering with abundance.
but that takes a while.
enter: container gardening.

once i again, i found myself at the lofts of liberty street, beautifying another terrace…and loving every minute of it. what i was looking at was a nice, sunny spot, but a skosh naked…

first thing, picking the pots.
in this case, faux-cement planters for the ornamental grasses and beautiful glazed pots for the flowers. additionally, two hanging baskets and two moss railing-planters because, well, can you even have enough color?

finally, a quick wave of the magic wand and poof


One thought on “floor two, please

  1. Hi Lis,
    Those green & blue pots are so beautiful! Can you tell me what plants you used? I’d love to try something similar down here.

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