terrible two

in honor of black dog ko’s second birthday today…


4 thoughts on “terrible two

  1. Happy Birthday, Ko! Love the photo collage…how much you’ve grown! More good times with Ko ahead–Francie sends him a big ‘ole sniff and a “WOOF!”…well….she’s not too loud, so probably more like a “woof”! Happy Day!

  2. thanks, mags…wasn’t ko so small? wow. and now, he’s sixty pounds and just as sassy. and loud…so he definitely says WOOF and sends a big ol’ sniff back to her girl in petoskey.
    hope you are wonderful…

  3. Happy Birthday my little friend! He always had a little bit of circus dog in him, climbing everyone’s porch steps, walking on walls, tumbling head first down the hill at the Big Playground. It was so great to have a chance to be with the big boy the other week. Give him a birthday scratch around the neck, from me, willl ya? : )


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