i heart abbott’s

one of my favorite nurseries in the ann arbor area is abbott’s over on scio church road. it’s an old farm and the setting is lovely. they carry all the standard stuff–deciduous and evergreen trees including beautiful japanese maples and interesting varieties of everything else, an alphabet of perennials, and cheery annuals that greet you when you walk in. and then, you start to notice the hidden things–pockets of color and foliage that make your heart happy even through the ninety-two degree mugginess. the rusty words above the entrance remind me of an apartment i had in downtown petoskey with a big bay window (literally, a view of the big bay) that i used to paint important words on in the hopes that someone having a glum day would look up and smile.
speaking of smiling, something about this
bust reminds me of scotthew…hello friend!

i love abbott’s potting shed in the underside of the old barn–all the amazing pots and planters make it hard to not put yourself to work. when i saw a miniature world of bonsai, i no longer could. earlier in the summer, i got a low, sturdy wooden box from a garage sale that an old chess board fit perfectly into. i was using it as a table for the badminton observation area, as it held the two geraniums i over-wintered and couple refreshing summer drinks quite nicely. however, after all the thunderstorms we’ve had this season, each tile of the board came unglued and floated around among my waterlogged gerries and watered-down cocktails. so, long story short–inspiration at abbott’s + bonsai display at produce station + power drill for drainage = my newest obsession…

when i walk around sniffing flowers and adoring plants, i tend to wish i was an unemployed millionaire, so nothing would stand in the way of my gardening impulses…i could surprise friends and neighbors all over town–they leave for work in the morning and return to a newly sprouted flower landscape. or i suppose i could garden undercover of night. good thing the pot & box mobile is black…


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