westside farmers’ market

for a month now, i have been spending my thursday afternoons in the shadow of the trailer…the zingerman’s roadshow trailer that is. which is a pretty ok place to be–good peeps, great coffee, and bacon. lots of bacon.

pot & box’s booth offers garden-fresh bouquets and magnificent pots of plants and flowers. i will say, it’s the most popular booth for bees…as well as kids (with the exception of the ice cream truck.) to encourage our future gardeners, pot & box has a tiny table set up for tiny people with soil, pots, and easy-to-grow seeds–who among us can’t remember running endless errands with mom? it’s a little break for the little squirts…or am i training 2023’s employees?

yesterday’s featured non-profit organization was dawn farm, a beautiful place for folks needing help with alcohol addiction. the center is a functioning farm–you can purchase hormone-free eggs, chicken, pork, and beef as well as stopping out to meet piglets and other new farm animals. located on stony creek road in ypsilanti, dawn farm is doing things a little differently. in an attempt to change the stereotype of ‘addict,’ dawn farm offers really sharp literature put together by the organization’s president, and they allow other similar organizations to use their images as a service to further their message and goals. additionally, the farm is wonderfully green, and has been for years…recycling everything including rainwater for their gardens, switching over to compact florescent light bulbs and high-efficiency washers…well, just check out this inspiring list of what they’re doing. what also struck me as a perfect idea was that their barn, used for patient classes and farm projects, can be rented out by other non-profits at a great rate, as well as for company events and even weddings. what a great thing, that having a party can help raise money for those who need it.

my first market day, the featured non-profit was huron valley slow food, and i befriended deirdra who told me all about what’s going on right here with the slow food movement. most importantly is the pie event on saturday, july 19th at the ypsilanti ladies literary club. slow food, growing hope, and the homegrown festival are hosting this pie extravaganza–a pie baking contest, a pie walk, pie music, and even a pie-ku contest, for all of us haiku geeks with a penchant for pie. pot & box will be there, and we’ll bring the flowers!
another really cool event coming up through huron valley slow food is dinner in the vineyard: a celebration in support of terra madre. this fundraiser is a benefit that will send 3 of our local farmers, chefs, and producers to the worldwide meeting of slow food in italy in october. the delegates are shannon brines from brines farm; eve aronoff, chef at eve the restaurant; and rodger bowser, chef at zingerman’s deli. tickets are $55 ($45 for slow food members) and include a five course meal and wine tasting. did i mention it’s dinner in the vineyard? get your tickets at brown paper tickets–and love this fair-trade ticketing service!

so, if you haven’t been up to the westside farmers’ market, come next week! what better way to support local business and have a great time? try some hot n’ now at farm to fork, get fresh lamb from hannewalds, and fruits and veggies from seedling–though i can’t guarantee there will be any raspberries left, after anica has her fill…


3 thoughts on “westside farmers’ market

  1. it was great meeting you at the market yesterday. I was the one who asked what you services actually were 🙂 Of course your flowers / booth were soo pretty! Let me know if you ever need photography services I would love to help out!

  2. Hi Miss Waud,
    Beautiful stuff, as usual. I keep forgetting to come by and see you at the “other” farmer’s market. I will indeed soon. Also, my friend Vanessa (red head, works at the deli, I think we’ve talked about her a bit) she will be at the pie contest, as she was last year. She reports it was amazing and also, who could deny how great the location is–are there open memberships to the ladies literary club? I would wear my reading is sexy shirt for sure. Alas, I have already committed myself to taking care of small children that night….have a slice for me….or two…

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