up north for the fourth


i just returned late last night from a holiday weekend in petoskey,
and what a weekend it was…
sights were seen, friends were hugged, and food was aplenty.

with a little encouragement from fellow black-dog beau, ko discovered his inner lab-ness and is completely obsessed with swimming. i’ve never seen him tired out, until three full days of tennis ball hunting in the big water.

one of my favorite spots on earth is grape hill,
a sand dune north of cross village and just before sturgeon bay.
the climb will wind almost anyone–even an almost-two-years-old pup–
and the view is worth every wheeze.


2 thoughts on “up north for the fourth

  1. hiya lis,
    my mom & dad were so happy to see you and the ol’ gang. hearing about everyone made me feel a little homesick. glad you had fun & hope to see you, brad & ko in august!

  2. hello miss lady,
    petoskey was fun, would have been more so with you & collin there! hope our paths cross in august..can’t wait until february this time!
    XO, L

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