a trip to the trops


ah…after a quick conversation with
my lovely friend steve cross yesterday,

i was feeling a little tropical…which actually isn’t that hard with this jungle weather we’ve been having this season…if i see a coconut sprout in my compost pile, then i’ll know i’m not in kansas anymore! so, what could be a wordless wednesday has turned into aloha maui day. enjoy…

two by two

room with a view

barbara\'s babynear blue pool


coffee tawkhibiscus


orchid luvpinasgrandma\'s
king protea


3 thoughts on “a trip to the trops

  1. Oh, Maui.
    You leave me longing for more. For the real thing; kona coffee, just picked star fruit and avocado, bananas and papayas, worn in locals on my feet, salty air and psychedelic skies. For a minute, I’m there.

  2. Thanks, Waudski!

    It was nice to see those pictures and I was reminded, again, of what we all fell so in love with…thank you.

    Love and Laughs,
    The Cross Three

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