walk the talk…

falling waters

orchid love

the weekend before last, my friend julie maloney & i went on the ann arbor garden walk. the first house we visited was titled ‘falling waters,’ sunshine begoniaowned by larry nisson. walking through the gate into the back garden transported us into a place of, well, falling waters…as well as precariously balanced rock statues, artistically planted annual displays, and and orchid house to die for.

hydrangea fish

another favorite was artist middy potter’s funky garden world titled ‘a place to dream.’ lots of nooks, crannies, and clever uses of art in the garden.

the ann arbor

good colors one more stop was phyllis ponvet’s lovely english-style garden on seventh — across from one of pot & box’s favorite clients,clem ruka and his owners’ joe & caitlin. clematis everywhere, this secretly huge backyard is a profusion of classic perennials, old roses, and fruit trees, as well as the house being stained a chocolaty-brown with red trim– one of my favorite color palettes for homes.

the ann arbor garden walk was inspirational. i really love that ‘garden’ can mean different things to everyone, yet we can still draw something from a place that isn’t necessarily our ideal space. my hope is to someday host a pot & box garden tour featuring all my favorites to perpetuate that sharing. or maybe i just want an excuse to cruise around in julie’s mini cooper again…


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