slug control for major tom(ato)

yesterday, i discovered nibbles out of the leaves on my brussel sprouts
and pole bean seedlings.
in the words of marge simpson, “hummmrgh.”

my diagnosis: slugs.

time to throw a party.

brussel sprouts & pbr

use shallow trays or saucers (tuna fish cans work really well) and bury the container to soil level. fill half-way with beer–the slugs in my garden like pbr, but only because there were some in the fridge. any oat sodas will do, as the slugs come for the sugar only to drown in an intoxicated pool of gluttony.

ready for business
dispose of the bloated slugs and old beer somewhere where the birds can discover them, and replenish the slug pub with fresh beer. click on the vacancy sign, and wait for your next victims–er, guests– while you browse through cookbooks featuring fresh summer vegetables.

other ways to control slugs: save your coffee grounds and “mulch” around susceptible plants, which is easy and free. you can also use pennies in rings around your plants, as the copper shocks the slugs bodies on contact. pennies are pretty close to free–it would probably cost you twenty-nine cents to protect a big sum and substance hosta. or, you can purchase copper tape and do the same thing. the tape is especially helpful for pots, which you line the lip with and protect the impatiens within. also available for purchase is diatomaceous earth–silicone dioxide powder, that when sprinkled anywhere that undesirable things crawl, acts as a physical barrier by cutting up small undesirable crawling things’ soft bodies. de is handy to have around for indoors too–i just picked some up yesterday to line my kitchen windowsills with to keep out lemonade-loving ants.


3 thoughts on “slug control for major tom(ato)

  1. wow, great info and tips, your garden knowledge really amazes me. i know, i know, you’re supposed to know all this, but still pretty impressive. just our luck, we have a huge bottle of pennies around here that needs a purpose in life.

    hmmm, speaking of change, funny how our quarter bowl stays full now that ko and little bug live in aa 🙂

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