summertime pinks, summertime yellows

…sometimes I wonder what I’m a- gonna do
’cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…

ok, i’m callin’ it…summer is here. this morning, when i dipped a spoon into the raw honey jar, it was liquid. it’s hot, it’s humid, it’s muggy. yup, it’s michigan in june.

things are blooming, and they’re blooming fast:
pink peony

hi bess!

yello yella
thali c. trum

alyssum galore

so, if you want to earn that fresh-grilled hot dog this weekend, you’ve got work to do. perhaps you’re stymied as to what you should be doing in the garden this early june weekend?
here are your assignments, ann arbor:

1. embrace your inner geek and make a list.
(look how much fun i’m having now!) take a stroll around your garden–a leisurely stroll–maybe you’ve got a cup of coffee or a pbr to accompany you. don’t get overwhelmed, just think about what projects would do the most good, the most impact, the most zow!

2. prioritize.ah...
pre-haircutdo something that will make you feel accomplished, then do the must-do chores. if you’ve always wanted to prune the unsightly shrubs
in the front of the house, by all means do it.
then, weed the beds all around them. You’ll be surprised how getting the things done that you want to do will motivate you to do the tings you should do.

3. if you’re at a loss, do the basics.
the high-impact trick for a quick garden tidy. use an edger, a half-moon shovel-like tool, to define the never-ending lawn vs. garden border. use a hose or two to lay out your edge first, so you don’t end up with a wiggle where you wanted a line.
weeding: water a day (or a the morning) before you tackle weeds. the turgor pressure in the plants’ roots and stems will make your task much, much easier. not sure if it’s a weed? you have three options…google “weed with scalloped edges and white flowers and lots of seeds” (by the way, that’s garlic mustard, and pull it, pull it, pull it!)…ask me here at green thumb black dog or email pics and descriptions to potandbox (at) gmail (dot) com…and last but not least, give it a gentle tug and if it comes out, it’s probably not supposed to be there. think “kid sneaks into movie theater,” if you confront him you, chances are he goes quietly.
watering: water everyday. especially pots, boxes, hanging baskets, and containers of all shapes and sizes. if it rains? stick your finger an inch into the soil. if it’s dry, water. if it’s damp, water. if it’s wet enough that you’d like to be shrunken down to three inches tall to hang out there with no refreshing beverage, no ice cubes clinking, no wiping the cool condensation on your forehead? then you don’t have to water.

4. hire a professional.
why bother with dirt under your fingernails, bug bites, trowel blisters?

5. relax.
it’s summer. have a rhubarbarita.


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