life, liberty lofts, and the pursuit of happiness

up top

friday, i planted one of my favorite jobs…a fifth floor loft balcony!

there are a few reasons why it’s one of my faves:
1) i pretend i live there while i’m planting
2) i get a kick out of hauling cartloads of flowers up an elevator
3) i am madly in love with mish-mish, the golden retriever who lives there
4) it’s a refurbished factory which is aesthetically and environmentally cool
5) it’s a fifth floor loft balcony with a view of the old westside and the stadium

when i met with shirli last year, she had a blank canvas for a terrace. with help from page caufield design, shirli soon had custom boxes with an irrigation system, and i was ready to plant three wisteria and one silver lace vine that will eventually grow onto a nearly-invisible trellis over the outdoor dining area. this season, i underplanted them with sweet peas to hold us through until the larger perennial vines complete the canopy.

blooms with a view

this season, the flowers i chose for the boxes were in shirli’s colors–pinks, purps, & white–and consisted of pink geraniums with a darker pink accent, rich purple & fragrant heliotrope, lantana in a firework of yellows & pinks, lavender verbena, coral ‘hummingbird’ salvia, blue salvia, trailing white bacopa, ‘blue hawaii’ ageratum, and white alyssum.

herbs over ann arbor

the floor plan of the boxes is an L that wraps around with four boxes running parallel to second street to one box parallel to william. the southernmost box is for herbs, and this year i went the culinary route: thyme, marjoram, basil, sage, lavender, mint, & rosemary.

what a great life for these herbs…hot & sunny (well, at least yesterday was hot & sunny)… almost reminiscent of their ancestors, growing along a villa’s terrace in tuscany…

sweet homer?

plenty of...

wisdom in three colors


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