thank goodness it’s frost-free!

though it still feels chilly, we are in the clear. i celebrated our last average frost-free date by planting my new, lovely herb bed, complete with eggplant and basil seedlings–which we’re promptly nipped by the cold nights this week. did i really hope to make the first eggplant pesto parmesan in town? …patience, lis.

firstly, ko.

here is the first photo
i took of the raised bed–
with ko, who scrambled into the picture,
not to be ignored.


another major project i’m working on is preparing for my involvement in
the westside farmers’ market
THE trailer
caff and paintthis season, located in the parking lot of zingerman’s roadshow…aka the trailer, full of friendly zing-folk and the driest double dry capps in town. if he’s working, ask kevin to make your espresso drinks–not only delicious, but potent. one evening, i ran up to the roadshow to get a cup of motivation.
i was hoping to prep my bedroom for repainting the next day. well, after a cappuccino from kevin, i prepped, cut in, and finished the entire room. i love it.

i am so excited to be spending even more time at the roadshow than i already do(!)–and not in my car(!) holding up a line of caffeine-deprived peeps. i will be selling easy-to-carry, affordable plantings, as well as a special surprise still in the recipe-tweaking phase–oops! i’ve already said too much.

mossy beautiful

here’s a sneak peek
at the moss baskets
i did up yesterday:


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