eat more dirt

for this dreary, misty, cool thursday–an excerpt from ellen sandbeck’s hip and handy book, eat more dirt:

perhaps the last bastion of true american individuality, mostly unconnected to commercialism, is the american garden. the garden is a wonderful place to experiment, as long as you keep the precept ‘do no harm’ in mind. use your garden as a laboratory in which to set up experiments to produce joy. if a particular plant fails to please, move on; give perennials to someone who will enjoy them, and don’t replant annuals that disappointed you. remember, young plants are easily moved. nothing is permanent, except death, and if nothing died, what would we put in our compost piles?

there’s something all encompassing about this passage–it’s heavy and light at the same time–but it is at the conclusion of the chapter titled ‘raising a well-adjusted garden.’ throughout the book, you delve from quips of garden philosophy to practical tips for everyday occurrences–from sunburns and stretching to abundant slugs and amending soil. one of my favorite statements: garden maintenance is what separates the gardeners from the landscapers. touche, ellen. touche.


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