m2 (meandering monday)

time for another monday morning procrastination special. just in case you don’t get enough gardening advice and philosophy from me, i want to share my favorite blogs. just don’t bump my blog’s bookmark! enjoy…

a gardening neighbor to the southeast, www.thisgardenisillegal.com is a cleveland-based blog that includes a handful of how-to posts such as ‘how to grow a strawberry patch and other nefarious revenges’ and a not-to-be-missed ‘what flower are you? quiz.’

best garden blog name: dirt. amy stewart is the author of flower confidential, a book i talked briefly about in a previous post as well as an artist of oil paintings that i really like. her subjects include chickens, books, and yes, tupperware.

tie for best urban-slang garden-pun blog name: you grow girl. such a fun blog–shopping, traveling, photos…and canadian. think contemporary, community-minded, do-it-yourself gardening for girls who don’t care if they have (and are maybe a little proud of) dirt under our fingernails.

the other best urban-slang garden-pun blog: heavy petal. styley and chic, this vancouver, b.c.-based blog makes me homesick for the pacific northwest…and the photography is amazing.

blog that makes me the most hungry: www.masdudiable.com. lots of garden-bounty recipes and jaw-dropping moments that make you want to move to the south of france.
(mom, you might want to skip this one!)

though not about gardening, but still fascinating is the post secret blog. frank warren’s postcard project of asking people to mail in secrets anonymously is updated every sunday. i saw him speak at the michigan theater at an 826 michigan benefit with davy rothbart of found magazine. it can be a little intense, but frank’s project is about truth…and postcards.

did someone say ‘adorable?’ check out my we-go-way-back friend mandy’s blog, the rowdy pea, starring the rowdy pea himself, ivo. crafty projects, delicious recipes, and insights only available from a wee one.

last but not least is stereo interactive and design. i’ll just confess now, their blog is beyond me. only web-master geeks would understand it–oops i mean web-master gurus–but pot & box would be a indentity-less enterprise without the talented and handsome designers of stereo.


2 thoughts on “m2 (meandering monday)

  1. hi sa-sa –
    we’re back from hawaii. quite an experience, i can see why you wanted to live there. i think i could easily become a beach bum, to heck w/city life … the beaches are incredible. we loved honolulu, kauai was remote and gorgeous. a little slow paced but lovely. unfortunately, the flight is so brutal its prohibitive to go again.

    anyway, back to reality. wish you were here, made a trip to the nursery and have lots of flowers to plant and no energy to do it! hope you guys are well…
    love, mary

  2. aloha mary & matthew!
    glad you visited the islands, pretty amazing flora.
    i wish i was in baltimore too, helping you plant your courtyard. my formula for keeping up enough energy through planting season is to pair one shot of espresso with every 5 flats of flowers…a glass of wine also works, but only after noon.
    XO, sa-sa

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