welcoming friends, welcoming flowers

it’s official: there’s a pot & box team…
if you see a handsome man dividing perennials, or an adorable lady planting annuals, say hello…
you’re seeing pot & box’s newest employees hard at work. thanks to all my new clients, i needed some help with my mission to beautify ann arbor–and what good help they are already! welcome aboard, gary & sarah!

also official: spring continues…
the department of flowering plants’ board of directors met yesterday morning and after a short deliberation released this announcement:baptista tista-ing

clem climbing

this year, much like the years preceding, we unanimously decided to allow spring to proceed. we will be granting bloom approval to many, many perennials, and just as many–if not more–planting passes have been approved for summer-blooming annuals.

attached is documentation of such approvals for review. if you need help encouraging the plants in your gardening jurisdiction, please contact a local professional for design, installation, and maintenance of said plants.

pasque flower flowering

go trill, go!


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