a good morning walk

this morning, i woke up early and ko & i went for a walk through the neighborhood, into the park, and for a spin through the woods. sometimes at this time of year, i forget spring is happening everywhere…

ko-rilla in the mist


pink ground cover

redbud on grey block


first trillium

men @ work



2 thoughts on “a good morning walk

  1. is that a jack in the pulpit?
    I saw a mess of trillium out last week, but didn’t spot any jack’s…

    they make me miss Northern Michigan quite a bit, and going out on all day morel excursions with so many pounds of mushrooms our arms would be sore…

  2. howdy bee!
    it IS our old friend, jack in his pulpit. it makes me think of northern places too…i did find one and a half morels in a garden on south seventh, but that’s not gonna make an omelette fit for us petosegans!
    make sure to keep me updated on beezy’s cafe, coming soon to ypsi!

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