no rest for the weekend…

and what a weekend it was…

friday afternoon, i hit recycle ann arbor for a creativity-inducing spin through its aisles of tacky coffee cups, bowling balls mounds, mix-and-match lighting fixtures, and my favorite–anything you can grow plants in. my big score was one of those thick clay pots that i can only imagine as an old tyme pickle barrel, but i also found two big unused steel funnel-shaped pipes that i think some purple potato vine will look absolutely amazing growing over its edge.

corner in skylater friday night, i went to a tigers game–which they WON! compared to last year’s record of six witnessed losses and nary a victory, i was a happy fan. i always enjoy an evening in the D, mostly for it’s photographic opportunities.

mary t\'s peas

bright and squirrelly saturday morning, i headed down to the farmers’ market in kerrytown…and it was a delight for the senses. it’s funny how when i’m at the market surrounded by all that delicious beauty, i don’t have a care in the world. time slips away…no, seriously, time really slips away. i was there for over three hours…
if you can spare even a few minutes every saturday or wednesday morning, head over for a heirloom tomato or some apple cider. but definitely check out mary thiefels’ painted electrical box near the entrance to hollander’s…

who\'s who?saturday afternoon, i went to a birthday bbq in honor of alison’s thirtieth. she lives on a farm west of town and when i’m there i feel like i am up north or in montana with all those horses and all that sprawling farmland. and boy, oh, boy, does ko love it there. he and roxie run wild, sniffing unidentified poop and chasing uncatchable birds.

purple rhodiesunday was a very inside day–rainy, rainy. my only voyage out was to visit dexter gardens, as i promised my acupuncturist, heather sloan i would. her folks janet and mike own and manage the adorable nursery, along with their right- hand woman, henriette. despite it being a dreary day, everyone was friendly and helpful, and the plant stock was plentiful and cheery. all the best qualities in a nursery.

and now, back to the gardens of ann arbor with me. i’ve got dandelions to pull!


2 thoughts on “no rest for the weekend…

  1. ooh, wish i could be there to go to farmer’s market with you. such a treat for the senses.

    heavy frost forecast for tonite, so no planting in harbor springs yet! hi to colleen in sunny and warm fla.

  2. mom, if you would just move down to ann arbor, you could be planting next week! i’ll get you, paul, & beau down here eventually! mary & matthew too….

    off to pluck the pansies!

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