it’s going to be beautiful

this weekend, i “did” my first wedding–not the flight-to-vegas, church-of-elvis, what-happened-last-night kind of wedding–but arranging the flowers for ann arbor’s cutest, coolest couple, steve & becca…

herb pots

and it was beautiful. the setting was sunday afternoon at locally-owned eve the restaurant, a french+ place, with a stainless steel bar, exposed brick walls, and delicious ginger lime martinis. after a few brainstorming sessions, we decided on potted herbs for the guest tables in lieu of cut flowers, which i purchased at my beloved saturday morning farmers’ market at the venas greenhouse booth. thyme, rosemary, & oregano were the featured herbs, and adorable at that.

the plan for the bouquets and boutonnières was through the simple elegance of callas and lily of the valley. (convallaria majalis if you’re a latin geek like me. but tell me i’m wrong when i say convallaria majalis sounds like a willy wonka version of the churchy lily of the valley…) the three flower girls, stella, ava, & ada carried posies of lily of the valley that i picked saturday morning from a friend’s wooded property. with a little bit of that majalis magic (and bringing them inside overnight) those little dearies opened their subtlety scented flowers for the big day. becca’s bridesmaids carried three calla lilies, each wrapped in a robin’s egg blue ribbon to match their dresses. and the bride carried seven perfect callas, wrapped in a single silver ribbon. steve and his groomsmen (the GM’s as i took to abbreviating it) each pinned on a single calla with two accompanying sprigs of lily of the valley. the wedding cake even joined in, wearing a single stem of convallaria with an underplanting of its perfect green leaves.

the gift table was in the much-coveted ‘kissing booth,’ a tucked away nook in the corner of the restaurant. as of saturday morning, i was still searching for an appropriate arrangement for the space. and, of course, i found it at the farmers’ market in the sons and daughters booth, run by the two sweetest women i have met. i let out a excited gasp when i saw the three remaining bunches of white bloom-laden spirea stems, which, of course, were the species ‘bridal veil,’ and led me to follow up the gasp with an “awww” usually reserved for puppy- sightings.

herbs @ eve

bridal veil

sunday morning,
i headed into eve with forty little potted herbs,
canning jar-vases of callas, a seating chart, and a double cappucino.

what happened that afternoon
was convallaria majalis…


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