random thoughts from the weekend…

if you’re reading this monday morning and you’re still in the sunday night mindset, you’ve come to the right blog. lots of links, lots of procrastination-inducing digressions. let’s get started…

it must be the amazing roos roast coffee i’ve been slugging all weekend…i hauled three cubic yards of composted soil since it was delivered onto the driveway on friday…or maybe it was wanting my parking spot back. either way, my gardens are settled in their new digs (groan…) after i lifted each sprouting perennial and clump of spent bulbs and re-situated them. i felt pangs of guilt for spending two days frolicking in my garden when i should have been pulling dandelions in a number of client’s… but a gardener with a less-than perfect garden, is like a dentist with bad teeth. no good for business.

excuses, excuses. so i played hooky.

this weekend, when i wasn’t shoveling countless wheelbarrows full of dirt, i was finishing flower confidential by amy stewart. it’s right in line with the “new” idea of wanting to know where your food comes from, making sure the people who grow it for you are happy and healthy while they’re doing it, and balancing consumer prices and the ultimate cost of the stuff. (makes an ann arborite think local first!) and, flower confidential takes you behind the scenes of a dutch flower auction. –wait, what? a dutch flower auction? now you’re intrigued, right? it’s an interesting book. though after reading it, i want a greenhouse and a flower shop even more than i did before. mark my words: pot & box retail store, coming soon.

also coming soon: fresh house-grown oyster mushrooms! mixed in with a couple pounds of spent cold-brew coffee grounds is the oyster mushroom substrate (read: spores & sawdust) i ordered from fungi perfecti in olympia, washington. while in school at the evergreen state college, i spent two years down the road from this operation on little skookum inlet. i used to watch the oyster boats at work while i did homework and listened to the magnetic fields. it was so beautiful there. (i said there would be digressions.) so, i have the coffee grounds and spore-injected sawdust co-mingling in a five gallon bucket in the corner of my kitchen. and i have a feeling that i will soon have more oyster mushrooms than i know what to do with, especially since one had already sent a fruit out of the corner of the shipping box it came in!


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