restoring zen


there’s something to be said for working in a zen garden..

removing soggy leaves from the smooth, black stones.
using only my two hands to sift the cool, white sand.
tidying bamboo shoots with a delicate wire-tined utensil.
tracing lines in the sand with a chunky, wooden rake.


3 thoughts on “restoring zen

  1. I feel relaxed just reading about it! Ahh…the joys of digging in the dirt and slowing down….good stuff. Loved the entry about Ko & the wild-eyed look in his photo…you captured him happily celebrating spring–loved it! Happy day, girl! –black thumb, black/brown dog

  2. funny name mags, though you could be positivity exuder/great friend…or postcard writer/travelista extraordinaire…maybe even blue eyes/orange soul…
    please send a picture of francie for a blog post featuring ko’s far-away friends…

    nina, i’m glad to do it. the spa is a wonderful place to garden…it’s two-for-one happiness for a gardener’s work!

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