whispering the dog

crazed koko.

the ko man.


so many things, and yet always one: bad. or i guess curious might be a polite way to describe him. maybe wily. anyway you paint him, he’s got a wild streak, a crazed look, and he squeaks a lot. a lot.

my dog will be two in july, and i hear that two years to the day they were born is the glorious day when labs calm down. i can just imagine: july 18th, we’ll wake up. ko won’t plow me over trying to beat me down the stairs, he will sit patiently to be let outside, where he won’t need to be tied because he will no longer be interested in eating compost or chasing neighborhood dogs. he will bark once to be let inside, and eat breakfast while i make coffee. friends will stop by but he will not jump or press his cold, wet nose to their hands for immediate and continuous attention. “what a handsome, good puppy!” they’ll say, and i will correct them, “a handsome, good dog.”

cast of players:

the c man

chauncey carlson,
best friend & kong-lover

roxy carmichael

roxy beatty,
new dog on the block &
dark chocolate twin

8 minute abs

abbie varnum,
matron saint of dogs


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