plans, plans, plans

raised bedsi have emerged from my imaginary world of garden catalogs to the place just before our frost- free go-ahead..i am saving newspapers to place on top of the lawn before i shovel on a compost- soil mix to make new gardens, stockpiling sturdy sticks to make trellises that will hold the black- seeded blue lake snap pole beans from seeds of change, and getting serious about my raised beds to-be…serious enough to twine-off the dimensions–two 12X4 beds that will soon overflow with bounty.

brick & whitewash

during all this planning, i had a garden epiphany. i was kind of stymied about the overall design of my gardens. in the past, i had planted a classic cottage garden with rainbowed zinnia, snapdragons, and other cutting flowers. but this year i wanted to concentrate the color, and that’s where i was stuck. the house is brick and has white trim, as are most of the brick houses in town that i started to obsessively notice–a few had green shutters and windowsills, one had brick w/orangean orange door with brown trim–but mostly i noticed the white trim that sharpened the terracotta color and texture. i was caught up in the idea of a certain color palette but was searching for one that would mesh with the brick, unlike cool or hot shades. i was so caught up that i didn’t even consider extending the white trim into the garden. then i remembered, years ago, a client asked me to design and plant her a white garden that was stunning. of course, classic brick with classic white. and, like that orange door, i can add in a few zingers of my favorite color to keep it interesting.

just to make it official, on saturday i bought a white peony from the ann arbor farmers market…and a white clematis from english gardens…and some moonflower and white poppy seeds from downtown home and garden. what can i say? epiphanies should be celebrated!


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