when i wrote my first post three weeks ago, i did so with the intent to document spring’s arrival… but instead, i worked on my first blister (aka raking the yard,) stretched my calves (aka pulling perennial weeds,) & tweaked my back (aka finally extracting those tenacious weed-tree stumps from the garden beds.) so, after all that, the only thing i can still do is type…

as i head into the 2008 gardening season, i have two things to think about–my garden and everyone else’s…which i guess is more in the range of twenty to thirty things to think about, since i am responsible for beautifying gardens all over ann arbor (and a few up north…but those are still under a foot of snow.)

firstly, my clients’ gardens (the everyone else’s)–from former garden tour homes across town, to newly-constructed garden beds on the Old Westside, to simple, lovely herb boxes & flower displays for restaurants downtown, to designing & installing a zen garden, to preparing decks & backyards for summer parties, to…well… i do it all. and i’m lucky to do what i love and love what i do. soon, i’ll be showing off my doings at, but for now, here is a sneak peek at a spring lovely i planted saturday…

secondly, my garden–the two words that describe my garden are overwhelming satisfaction (or maybe beautiful monster is more accurate?) but no matter, i am so excited for this season. i live in an old farm house next to an orchard with a range of growing conditions–hot, hot sun on the south side of the house near the grill area, a fairly hot spot on the west side next to the screen porch, a sun/part-sun east side between the front of the house and the badminton court, and a shady north wall across the lawn from where my new raised vegetable beds will be. other than the false-spring clean-up i did last week, there isn’t a whole lot i can do outside for the next 47 days, until ann arbor’s last frost-free date of may 21st. so, the heat stays on inside, and out come the seed-starting trays. after a brisk day spent twirling the seed racks at downtown home and garden, i had a stack of seed packs to rattle. the chosen ones who get to take root early under the plant light and on the heat mat are lavender ‘french perfume,’ nasturiums ‘copper sunset,’ and moonflowers, or evening glories. the rest remain in a cool, quiet paper bag–some for the duration of the frost-threat, and some (cal poppies, sweet peas, and my salad choices of arugala and merlot lettuce) get to bundle up sooner, after claiming they can handle a chill.


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