happy anniversary, pot & box…

this week last year, i filed my dba certificate, and since then i have been doing business as pot & box…i find it hard to believe that i will be gardening again soon, but i did spot my first snowdrops the day before we got 6-10 inches of snow. not-so coincidentally, it’s the first week of spring–though last week was hinting at the season’s change more so than this. a week ago saturday–my thirtieth birthday–was a sunny, soggy spring day.


sunday, when I let the dog out to romp in the muck of what-was-once-the-yard, i noticed a single cardinal perched on the electrical wires. he was glowing red in the gray sky above skeletal trees. it thawed me just a little. i had been hearing more birds in the mornings, and that sighting gave me hope that our snow dusting on Monday night would be our last. silly me.

it’s difficult to think about much else other than the weather; i’ve always felt this was the most trying time of year. although, four hours north of ann arbor, in my hometown of petoskey, it’s definitely more than trying on the mind and body. folks have been known to go to desperate measures to an avoid cabin fever–buying sun lamps, renting every movie in the video store, hopping on a puddle-jumper out of town with plans in warmer climates. winter starts earlier and drags on later up north, but I still like to complain until I see my first crocus here in southeast michigan.

the spring I have in my life right now is in vases around the house, given by birthday well-wishers–yellow tulips sprouting out of a pink mound of alstroemeria, delicious purple hyacinths, and a jar of forsythia reluctantly unfurling its buds.


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